South Guard Advantage

Supervisors are in the field 24 hours per-day, 7 days per week

Security Guard Company Of Orange County believes in the highest level of supervision for it's employee's. Patrol supervisors are available to assist officers with any and all occurrences, day or night. Continuous field supervision occurs during all shifts. Supervisors are able to respond to most any location in under 15 minutes. Clients can rest assured that the most important decisions regarding their properties security will be made by highly trained and certified supervisors. 

SGC officers are experts in working with the public

 Our officers have very strong "people" skills. We consider our employees to be public relations experts. As a front line representative of any clients property it is imperative that our officers not only look professional, but also conduct themselves in a professional demeanor that best reflects and suits the needs of your location.

SGC is a licensed California PPO 

Security Guard Company Of Orange County is licensed in the state of California by the Department of Consumer Affairs- Bureau of Security and Investigative Services to provide security guard and patrol services. The principals involved in the company have passed an extensive state background screening and comprehensive written examination regarding laws, procedures, and ethics in the operation of a security company. SGC is licensed by local cities and operates throughout California. Each city has it's own regulations and requirements in order to operate a security company.           SGC meets all laws and licensing regulations in every city.                                                                                                                                

Our liability insurance exceeds State limits.

Security Guard Company Of Orange County is liability insured for up to $5,000,000 in the unlikely event of negligence or malpractice by our employees or company, furthermore, SGC has a compensation "umbrella policy" which provides additional coverage to our general liability, worker's compensation, and automobile insurance policies. Our company believes in and provides comprehensive employee training programs to limit and eliminate plus undue liability or claims. 

Our workman's compensation insurance exceeds state limits. 

Security Guard Company Of Orange County has a full $3,000,000 workman's compensation insurance policy to protect our employees from injuries that may arise while in the scope of their duties. We believe in providing a safe workplace for each and every employee. We have instituted several workplace educational programs to help reduce the risk of injury to our employees. 

SGC is a member of the largest guard association in California

Security Guard Company Of Orange County is a member of the California Association of licensed Security Agencies, Guards and associates (CALSAGA). Quick Protection respects and abides by all rules and bylaws set by the organization for the betterment of the security industry within California. 

GPS Tracking on the entire Prestigious patrol fleet

 Security Guard Company Of Orange County utilizes a comprehensive GPS fleet tracking system through Cloudberry Inc. This system ensures that supervisors and managers are aware of the location of each and every patrol vehicle in our fleet. The Cloudberry system provides exact locations, direction of travel, speed, and loitering reports. By utilizing GPS technology Prestigious ensures optimal performance of it's patrol officers. Furthermore, GPS fleet tracking helps reduce unsafe driving practices by our staff. 



  • LH, Management

    - June 11, 2016
    “Security Guard Company Of Orange County has provided our facilities with the best possible service. Our workforce has noticed a huge difference around our building ”
  • SH, Reg Manager

    - June 11, 2016
    “I have employed most of the major security companies in the area and frankly none of them can hold a candle to SGC”
  • DF, Senior VP

    - June 11, 2016
    “Your services stand behind your name, Security Guard Company Of OC is the most committed, reliable, and responsive security vendor I have ever seen.”
  • RW, Owner

    - March 5, 2014
    “I extend a hearty thank you directly to you as well as the professional team of specialists you have maintained at our facility since day one”